KNGF – De wereld van Rose

Colorbleed asked me to team up and create a storyboard for their first three part commercial for their client KNGF (Royal Dutc

Midnight Cowboy

A visual study of Midnight Cowboy I made to breakdown the composition of the film in several shots.

Plus je klas

concept, storyboarding, modeling

Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit

Storyboard for “Black Mamba’s Anti-Poaching Unit” a short film created by Madelon Wulms about anti poaching

Next Panel challenge

To play this game you need a photo, or an illustration, or even a word (more on that later). You then use this photo to come u

Moving posters

For my love of graphic design and old poster I created some moving posters. I used old footage.


Analog storyboard of “Hartenprins” by Zino Bakker.

Daddy Day

directing, storyboarding, visual development Two dads going to the park with their baby. A normal day it seems, but will their

Living Portraits

Some small tests I made using style transfer software combined with old portraits making these paintings come to life. Dit ber

De Vondeling

“De Vondeling” is a upcoming serie which is currently in development. The story involves a foundling who one day w

Seperate States

“Seperate States” is a short film by Ewan Macbeth about the downwards spiral of pain and revenge.

Love & Kisses – Accidental Lover

As part of graduating I’ve created the groundwork for a fictious music clip. With my passion for old vinyl and especiall

Raptor Attack


Poster designs for the film “Bloednerveus” Directed by Raymon Hilkman,

2 Voor 12

Together With Joppe Vos i’ve created this animation for the Dutch television show ‘2 voor 12’

The Deer Hunter

One of the most tense scenes in the history of movies is in my opnion this scene from The Deer Hunter.

Carlito’s Way

As a fun excercise I took a scene from Carlito’s Way and made a storyboard from my take on the film.


personal work

Paradise Lost

Storyboard for the shortfilm “Paradise Lost” created by Alex van der Aa. Final Storyboard Early sketches Slide Con

MVO Coffee

Together with the team from Redrum we created this animation about fair trade coffee. Beside animation I was responsible for s